The Caffeine Crawl – June 1


For the first time ever in the Upper Midwest, Minneapolis will host one of several national caffeine crawls Saturday, June 1st from 10:30am to 3:30pm.  Tickets are currently still available and you can select one of two route options.

The Caffeine Crawl is the clever brain child of The LAb, a group so passionate about quality beverages that they wanted to highlight local businesses that are dedicated to excellence.  At the Caffeine Crawl, participants can expect to sample some pretty amazing coffee, tea and chocolate.  In addition to giving your taste buds a workout, participants will have to opportunity to learn more about the quality, technique and process of the products.  At each stop in the crawl, there will be a brief presentation and a selection of free drinks available to attendees only.  Get your tickets!!!

Participants: Bull Run Coffee, Cafe Imports, Dogwood Coffee with Gray Duck Chai, J&S Bean Factory, Peace Coffee, Publika, Quixotic Coffee, Sebastian Joe’s and TeaSource.

Want to know more about this year’s Caffeine Crawl and to find more locations nationally?  Check out the links below!

Website: Click here!
Twitter: Click here!
Facebook: Click here!



One thought on “The Caffeine Crawl – June 1

  1. My family attended the Boulder, CO crawl last summer and had a blast! We learned a lot of new info and drank delicious coffee in every shop. My favorite was the chocolate shop. My son won the big coffee grinder prize and my husband won two bags of coffee!

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