Twin Cities Metro

To make things easier, I’ve broken the Twin Cities Metro down into different neighborhoods and towns.  It is my hope that this will make it easier for people to find a cool place to eat in the neighborhood closest to them.

By Neighborhood:

Downtown Minneapolis
The Dancing Ganesha – Indian
Sea Change – Seafood/Fine Dining

Downtown – Warehouse District
Runyon’s – American Bar

Northeast Minneapolis
Gardens of Salonica – Traditional and Modern Greek
Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge – Deep fried, Pizza, Burgers

South Minneapolis 
Victor’s 1959 Cafe – Cuban/Caribbean
Marla’s Caribbean Cafe – Caribbean, Indian, African

Barbette – French/Trendy Cafe
Barbette -Dinner Time – French/Trendy Cafe
Bull Run Coffee – Trendy Cafe/Fine Coffee
Burger Jones – Americana
Chino Latino – Asian/Mexican/Sushi
Dogwood Coffee Co. – Trendy Cafe/Fine Coffee
Namaste Cafe – Indian
Roat Osha – Thai
Rustica Bakery – Trendy Cafe/Fine Coffee
Stella’s Fish Cafe – Seafood
Yum! Cafe and Bakery – Trendy Cafe
Yum! Cafe and Bakery Continued – Trendy Cafe, Breakfast


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